Feedback on Service experience from AD

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Feedback on Service experience from AD

Postby thomaslai » Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:53 am

I hardly complain anything. As much as I’m really easy going, I would like to share my experience with the rest. It’s abit long, but do bear with me.

During my last servicing on end March 2016, I was informed by the Service Advisor that all the brakes had been changed. I remember clearly of this incidence because 1) I commented that he’s so nice to change the brakes for me at my last warranty servicing 2) I feedback to him that the “new” front brakes have a screeching sound and he told me to bring it in during the change of the clutch (which is another issue, I complained about the drive earlier). The screeching sound had since been resolved after he told me that they “cleaned” it. All these took place on 19th April 2016. I remember my mileage was 45k?

During a routine check & servicing at Dec 2016, it was reviewed that the last change was actually at Feb 2015. This came as an absurd shock to me. It’s not so much as whether the brakes or anything had been changed. It’s about lying. I was being lied to about job being done. Given the fact that it is the authorize dealer, this is quite disappointing. It shows the lack of professionalism, integrity, responsibility and accountability from them.

I made a complain to the Service Manager and rectification work had since being offered and carried out. However, what drives me to actually write this review is more towards how this incident was being managed by the service team.
1. When a request job done was made since 3rd Jan, none was given, not even until now.

2. At the workshop, when requested for assistance due to some noise after the rectification work was done, minimum was given. In fact, what I received was relatively unfriendly or hostility from the team. I spoke to the previous Service Advisor on it and all he gave me was an ‘annoyed’ response, “go to the counter.” At the counter, I told them about my problem, asked for another Service Advisor who contacted me during the follow up on the rectification work; I thought she would be taking over since it might put the first Service Advisor in a spot to attend to me further. Was told by the counter she will be with me in 15mins. 1 hour passes by, no one. The service center wasn’t even packed. I went to follow up and after some more waiting, another service advisor came and attends to me and an appointment was booked.

3. During the appointment day, I was practically being treated in “ghost-mode”. Only the receptionist took my key. That’s all. After a long wait (probably more than an hour) and following up with the receptionist, the service manager came and he didn't even know the problem. When I went to pick up my vehicle in the afternoon, it was even worse. Absolutely, NO ONE came to address/ explain the work being done. Some lady just passed the car keys to me and told me, the car is outside. It's like sending me a message, "less talk, less wrong" to avoid any responsibilities.

I’m not asking for any special treatment or such. To me, it’s about being professional and responsible enough to deliver customer service even when one is in the wrong. Lastly, I hope that this experience will remind all car owners to document the service history of your car diligently.

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Re: Feedback on Service experience from AD

Postby noew » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:52 pm

sounds bad. possibly consider shifting to one of the indie volvo specialists like motor edgevantage @ sin ming or mte. i'm sure the treatment you receive and pricing will be more favourable.

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